WEll, damn!

Apparently I haven't logged on to LJ in 14 years...

I've got no idea if I'll start blogging regularly again, seeing as I'm now a crotchety old lady and who the hell knows if what I've got to say is even interesting.

I think I may just use this as a place to post some smutty ass short stories or fanfic or something. We'll see what happens!

Rah Rah. Go team go!

So, I got my ass evicted this week. Fun! I'm staying in a frat now. Hopefully for not more that a couple weeks. Need to find a new place and a new job. But my kitty's got a good home for right now. Silly little goat head.
I just bought a steroid maximus cd today. Go Jim Thirlwell. Yeah Foetus.
Ok bye.
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it's been a while

Well, since I suck and forget to fill up my endless blank pages of live journal on a regular basis, there's quite a bit to update on.
I started working for the Democratic National Comittee.
I shaved my head bald and now it's grown back.
The good old lover moved out of the house a couple months ago.
I'm screwing a co-worker.
I live with 2 different co-workers.
We drink a lot and have fun. ;}
Actually, my last day of work was yesterday so I'm back to being jobless. Time to start looking again.
It's now official that I have been playing the same role-playing game for over a year.
I stopped hanging out at the Dice and Lava Lounge. I've been going to The Shamrock for kereoke on tuesdays. It's fun there. You should go and sing badly with me.
I've been out of town for work the past couple of weeks and came home to a fly infestation. I've been on a mad maggot hunt for a couple days now and have found nothing. I will super clean today.
One of my best buds moved to Illinois last week, but the others are still around. Happy.
I'm in a fairly good mood. Things are going good. I need a shower. Time to go. Mwah.
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fortunes for free

I stole this from a friend of mine off another website... And here is your fortune

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence along with
these instructions.

By the older womans gaping mouth, she knew exactly how course that curse was.


I just made my very own vegetable soup. It is so much better than that shit you get out of a can. Lots of beans and cabbage and tomatoes. mmmmm. I made enough to last me at least 4 or 5 days! hurray!
I also got invited to join 2 new d&d games. Yay! I'm finally getting in my full role play fix. At least the role play outside of the bedroom. Good enough for me!
Oh, and I am seeing my son tomarrow. Excitement! He just turned 3 a couple weeks ago.
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so, the halloween party was a blast. To all of you that didn't come, you are a big lame-o. My kitchen table even got broken to bits! Ha! I have a friend who knows someone to fix it though. I made absinthe and there were about 20 different bottles of booze floating around plus countless cases of beer and a zillion and ten jello shots. What a night. My room ended up being a haven for the horney and dateless trying to get a fuck on. All my condoms got used and now there are none for me... What if I actually get laid? It aint gonna work! doh. Oh well, a little abstinance might be good for me.

I been thinkin'

I want to join a D&D group. If any of you in the area want to get a game going, let me know. I'm in the middle of a masquerade game and we will be playing that for years to come, I imagine, but we only play once a week, sometimes every 2 weeks. I need more nerdly things in my life right now. Keep me posted.

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to any of you that live in the area, or will be in Madison, I'm throwing a halloween party on the 26th (I think that's a friday). Anyway in about 2 weeks. Show up in costume and it's free. If you don't you will be charged 5 bucks to get in. Pot luck, so bring food and or booze if you want. let me know if you are coming. Yay! Happy Halloween!